Monday, January 27, 2014

Dan Johnson On Why We Must Fight Tyranny

Dan Johnson, Founder, PANDA

Dan Johnson is 20 years old, founder of People Against the NDAA (Take back your city from indefinite detention.), and a nationally renown writer and speaker. He founded PANDA in January 2012, and it has since become the largest Anti-NDAA organization in America, introducing or pushing over 18 pieces of state and numerous pieces of local anti-NDAA legislation. A grassroots, nonpartisan, nonviolent organization, PANDA is supported by groups across the political spectrum united to prevent the laws of war from being used here in the United States, and on American citizens anywhere in the world.

Dan has written for several publications, including the Huffington Post, Policy Mic,, and Western Journalism. He has spoken at PAUL Fest, the Northwest Ohio Conservative Conference, the CRWF Northern Division Convention, Libertopia, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention, and more, and has been interviewed on numerous radio shows including Coast to Coast AM, Liberty Roundtable, and Red Ice Radio.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Black conservative leaders discuss how the NRA was created to protect freed slaves

I received this video yesterday.

YouTube URL:

YouTube Notes:
Black conservative leaders discuss how the NRA was created to protect freed slaves - SHORT VERSION

Black conservative leaders discuss the reason the NRA was founded and how gun control is an effort to control people.

The Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) hosted a group of prominent figures from the African American community at 9:45A.M. on Friday, February 22nd at the National Press Club to speak out against gun control legislation currently being considered on Capitol Hill.

CURE is the largest black conservative think tank in the nation and is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

CURE organized the news conference in response to concerns shared by black conservatives that the Senate proposed laws will restrict their ability to defend themselves, their property and their families. They are also concerned that the proposed gun control legislation puts too much power in the hands of politicians.

"I believe that it is our duty to stand together and challenge the proposals currently on the table in the Senate, which invoke painful memories of Jim Crow laws and black codes," said CURE president and founder, Star Parker. "Black history is rife with government demands for background checks in order to qualify for constitutional rights. All Americans should be concerned."

Star Parker, a nationally syndicated columnist and other noted thought leaders, authors and speakers will make the case against the type of gun control measures President Obama and his liberal allies are proposing.

While the group believes that Sandy Hook was a national tragedy, they oppose its use as an opportunity to advance government control and strip any American citizens of their constitutional rights. In the middle of Black History Month, CURE is calling for a serious national dialogue about the impact of gun control on the black community.

"We want to inform United States senators that we will be notifying urban pastors, business leaders and other black voters of their legislators' position on the Second Amendment—especially blue senators in red states currently up for re-election." The news conference is to rally behind the tradition of former slave and great American orator Frederick Douglass who said, "A man's rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box."

DAFR fights for the inalienable firearms rights of responsible disabled Americans. Disabled Americans have unique needs when exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. The mission of DAFR is intertwined within five basic areas of focus.

These areas consist of:
  1. The introduction of firearms for self-defense to disabled Americans.
  2. Shooting sports program and organized competition for disabled Americans and wounded veterans.
  3. Oversee firearms legislation and research their impact on Americans with disabilities.
  4. Offer assistance to responsible disabled Americans in order to exercise their 2nd Amendment right.
  5. Educating the public and elected officials about how disabled American firearms owners have unique needs that must be met when exercising their 2nd Amendment right.
We have also become concerned with recent legislation that is proposed throughout the United States in reaction to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. With that, our organization has taken a clear stand on various bills, public acts and proposed laws that we deem would be disadvantageous to responsible disabled firearms owners. DAFR intends to shed light on the fact that many Disabled Americans can only use certain types of firearms such as the highly adaptable AR15 rifle platform. A ban or other serious restrictions on the AR15 rifle as well as certain other firearms will have an adverse effect on the rights of thousands of disabled Americans.

If you support Disabled Americans for Firearms Rights, please visit our website at, join our organization and spread the word, THANK YOU ALL for the support!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Have politicians today turned Washington into a "Gold Rush"?

Listen to what many D.C. Desperadoes and Crony Capitalists are doing.

On August 23, 2013, Bill Moyers interviewed Mark Leibovich about his book This Town which details how leaders no longer come to Washington to serve, but to build their fortunes.

Leibovich said, "In the end, Washington is implementing a policy designed to undermine the security of its best friends while empowering those forces whose ideological agenda is openly committed to destroying Western values, freedoms and interests."

Bill Moyers interviews Mark Leibovich, New York Times journalist, about his latest book, THIS TOWN. August 23, 2013

Click here for a full TRANSCRIPT of this Aug. 23, 2013 Moyers interview with Leibovich.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cynthia Lee Myers tells what really happened to her cousin, Amabassodor Chris Stevens

Open Letter from Cynthia Lee Myers: What really happened to her cousin, Amabassodor Chris Stevens, and his three colleagues

I checked Snopes and Truth or Fiction before forwarding this one on to each of you. Both sites not only confirmed the authenticity of this letter, but further added that Myers was also interviewed on Fox News. This is quite an eye-opener to say the least. —D

From Cynthia Lee Myers: "Wanted to share the truth of what happened over in Libya to our Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 who died on 9/11-12/13.....please read....and pass it on if you like. Thanks."

Former U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens Libyans support justice for Chris Stevens "Here is my story. A week out the Embassy in Tripoli began receiving multiple tips about an Al Queda cell in the area planning an attack on 9/11 in response to the killing of Bin Laden. For the next several days, the State Dept and White House were asked for a security force and were denied at least six times. Ambassador Stevens and his team were given the all clear that The Consulate in Benghazi was safe and there was no need for a security force other than his 3 personal guards(One being my cousin) and a few Libyans who were not armed. Then the attack and murders occurred. Immediately the WH claimed it was a protest gone bad over a you tube video. Obama made a quick speech in the Rose Garden on Sept.12 before catching a plane to Vegas to campaign. He made a generic statement at the end of his speech after placing the blame on an overheated protest over the video. He said 'No act of terror will shake the resolve of America.' Later that day and over the next 2 days, the liberal media began saying Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 men died of smoke inhalation. This was not the case. Out of respect for my cousin, I'm not going to be specific about his murder.

However Ambassador Stevens was brutally murdered. His genitals were cut off, he was sodomized and beaten and cut and stabbed and burned. He was drug thru the streets and left for dead. This is eyewitness testimony of a local Dr. who found the Ambassador in a ditch and tried to save his life. He had no idea who he was. The other 3 men, including my cousin, met similar fates. And deaths due to smoke inhalation is a 100% fabricated LIE. Obama, Hillary, Panetta and Rice fabricated CYA stories and wasedh their hands of Benghazi; this is utterly lawless and heartless conductThe next week I drove my aunt and Uncle and 2 others to DC to receive his body. We met with Hillary, Panetta, and Susan Rice. ALL of whom apologized and said it was a protest gone bad over a video and exited the area. Next Obama entered with the same story and didn't apologize and wasn't sympathetic. My aunt cried to this man and all he did was hand her flowers and walk away. I tried to get his attention, but didn't. I got upset and yelled liar to him, he kept walking. Then a secret service agent grabbed my arm and led me to a room where I was held till the proceedings were over. America, I saw firsthand how cold this man is. What kind of liar he is. Most of you haven't a clue about this tyrant and yet you support him and act like every word he says is Gospel. These murders and the fast and furious cover ups make Watergate look like, a kid who told his bff's secret to the class. We must stop this man, and please pass this story along."

This is a related, must-view video: "A word to rioting Muslims'' by Pat Condell,, Sep. 20, 2012. Accessed Jul. 12, 2013 <>. This message should be required viewing for all Americans, especially our President, who confuses "jihad" with "work place violence." If you agree, please forward.

A word to rioting Muslims by Pat Condell.

Monday, June 24, 2013

"Obstacles to Tyranny" (and proof that few obstacles are left in America) by film maker Larken Rose

Many Americans firmly believe and confidently proclaim that tyranny could NEVER happen in the United States.  Is there something fundamentally different about the United States that renders it immune to tyranny? Cutting edge film maker Larken Rose answers this question with this video.

Larken accompanies his YouTube video with this comment: "Here is my submission for the 'Paul Revere' video contest being held by Alex Jones ( Unlike most of my videos, this was a major production, and is a feature-length documentary. I've been working pretty much non-stop on it for a month, to get it finished by the deadline (today)--while neglecting almost everything else.

 (Some people asked why there is no credits page in the video. Sorry if this sounds like bragging, but there's no credits page because, other than the guy who helped a bunch with gathering images and footage for the thing--many thanks, Camron!--I did the whole dang thing myself: research, script, narration, editing, graphics, animation and music. It seems less obnoxious to just say 'a Larken Rose production,' than to list each item, with my name after it. Although, now that I added this note, that's even worse. Gack. Anyway, hope you like it, and feel free to spread it around.)"

Friday, May 31, 2013

Obama is protecting his 47 million Facebook "likes" at the expense of the U.S. Constitution

(My collaboration with a listener, 5/31/2013): Washington D.C. is toxic and fiendishly deceptive these days. Speaker John Boehner described the flow of scandal developments as "Drip, drip, drip." I take this to mean that the Deception Tank is full and starting to leak. (At last!)

Investigators are now uncovering common people driving these scandals. The Leader v. Facebook property rights debacle seems to have been another one of their pet deception projects. Remember, Facebook was judged guilty on 11 of 11 counts of stealing the inventions of Columbus-based innovator Leader Technologies, Inc., yet the federal courts ruled for Facebook anyway. They had to ignore the Consitution to do it.

Many people lusted after Leader's innovations that we know as "social networking." Obama and his handlers needed it to raise election dollars and polish Obama's persona many times a day. Larry Summers, Accel Partners and the PayPal Mafia wanted it as their global financial transactions platform, Zuckerberg and his fellow thieves wanted it as a global voyeur platform to invade everyone's privacy, the Kremlin wanted it as a money-laundering vehicle, James W. Breyer wanted it as his 'pump and dump" stock manipulation scheme, the greedy law firms wanted it to rake in fees. And, at least two Federal Circuit Judges Alan D. Lourie and Kimberly A. Moore were beefing up their financial portfolios with the pump of their undisclosed Facebook shares at the IPO. Wow, that's a lot of interests all lusting after Michael McKibben's innovation! (I have interviewed him on this show twice.)

Beware of McBee Strategic lobbyist Jeff Markey bearing gifts

Americans for Innovation has smoked out intimate, undisclosed relationships among Facebook's chief litigator in Leader v. Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP's Michael Rhodes, Obama's Justice Department Cooley "Advisor," Donald K. Stern, the failed $1.6 billion BrightSource Obama "green" stimulus project, big Facebook IPO winner J.P. Morgan Chase and McBee Strategic's Steve McBee and Jeff Markey.

This is so convoluted I asked by resident artist to do me a diagram of these relationships. No wonder Washington is so confused. It's intentional on the part of some morally bankrupt people and organizations (click to enlarge):

Conflicting relationships map involving Obama, White House, Justice Department, Energy Department, Facebook, Cooley Godward LLP, Michael Rhodes, Donald K. Stern, JP Morgan Chase, Jeff Markey, Steve McBee, Judge Alan D. Lourie, Judge Kimberly A. Moore, Judge Leonard P. Stark, Leader v. Facebook, Leader Technologies, BrightSource, Solyndra, Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, Solar City and SAIC
Figure 1: Conflicts of Interest Map among Barack Obama, Executive Branch, Justice Department,  Cooley Godward Kronish LLP, Michael Rhodes, Donald K. Stern, McBee Strategic, Steve McBee, Jeff Markey, Judge Leonard P. Stark, Judge Alan D. Lourie, Judge Kimberly A. Moore, Leader v. Facebook, BrightSource, Solyndra,Tesla Motors, Solar City, Elon Musk and 47 million "likes" on Facebook.

McBee Strategic and their lobbyist Jeff Markey have lied at least twice on disclosures that we have already identified. On their BrightSource Senate disclosure on 11/20/2009 they answered "No" to affiliated organizations that actively participate in their activities. This was false since on 4/23/2009 they had publicly announced their alliance with Facebook's attorney Cooley Godward Kronish LLP specifically about helping companies access Obama's "green energy" money. That's LIE #1. Then, we discover that Jeff Markey is accustomed to lying whenever it is to his benefit. On 4/30/2004 Markey lied on a financial disclosure that he was an Executive for SAIC in an apparent deception to gain access to the National Congressional Republican Committee. That's LIE #2.

Markey clearly plays on both sides of the ball in Washington. While he is busy spending Obama's billions, he donates mostly to Republicans, including MITCH MCCONNELL, ROB PORTMAN, ARLEN SPECTER, LINDSEY GRAHAM. Republicans beware of this wolf in sheep's clothing. Such cynical parlaying of contacts just to keep one's job in Washington is why Washington is failing. These people are there for the wrong reasons. They need to get real jobs. Professional bureaucrats and politicians (and the lobbyists who feed on the rotted meat) are the death knell of a democracy.

While we're on the subject of lying to Congress, then Magistrate Judge Leonard P. Stark told Congress in his 4/22/2010 confirmation hearing that he would follow the decisions of the Supreme Court and the Appeals Courts. However, three months later he ignored that promise and even after instructing the jury to do so, he ignored the Supreme Court's Pfaff test of on-sale bar evidence, as well as the Federal Circuit's Group One tests. Obama and his Facebook "friends" just seem to lie all the time.

Don't believe me? Check out the source material yourself. Here are some of them we downloaded quickly. Please share more as you find your own information.

Tesla Motors  |  Solar City  |  Solyndra  |  BrightSource  |  JP Morgan Chase  |  Jeffrey D. Markey Political Contributions 2003-2013, and  Leonard P. Stark Senate Confirmation Hearing 4/22/2010.
Our Tax Dollars Dispensed by The Savior (and his friends at Cooley-McBee):
BrightSource, $1.6 billion
Solyndra, $535 million
Tesla Motors, $465 million
Solar City, beneficiary of $500 million in "green" subsidies

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Keep digging and publishing everyone. The future of America is at risk.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Former Romanian Critiques One Bay Area Central Planning

SFBayCAPR OneBayArea-Former Romanian Discusses One Bay Area and Central Planning

Uploaded to YouTube on Jan 28, 2012 

A young man from Romania discusses the One Bay Area plan and how it is worse than what he experienced in Romania. He warns that we are dangerously close to becoming the type of failed Marxist state that he fled. Americans take heed. Smart Growth and Sustainable Development are policies that are excuses for central planning.